Ancient Way Bakery

A Dessert Smorgasbord At 7300 Feet Above Sea Level

Water boils at 180 degrees up here. That means the moisture in baked goods leaves earlier in the process, and the less dense oxygen up here means it takes longer to cook, so it takes more liquid, heat, time and eggs to make up the difference of a regular recipe set closer to sea level. We have been experimenting with the alchemy of love, taste, texture, time and place for the last 4 years to offer some old time favorite desserts as well as some titillating new fusions. The use of good wholesome ingredients, many of them organic, as well as making goodies from scratch, makes for an authentic offering of pride, and we usually have a wide variety from which to choose. Our desserts are usually not so sweet that they overpower the unique and delicious other magic essences that we use. With advance notice, special bakery orders are welcome; a week in advance is appreciated.

Thanks for your consideration and patronage,
RedWulf Dancing Baker

  • Homemade pies – a sugar glazed, orange juice sweetened pie crust is a fun treat, and we always have 3 or 4 choices available. Yes, granny smith apple/green chile/pinon nut pie is always here.
  • English style scones – the cake ones are ever present, especially butterscotch/pecan/almond toffee. Another tasty favorite is the tart cherry/white chocolate chip/almond brickle scone.
  • Mom’s cookies – a variety plate of fresh baked cookies, especially the thick and chewy double chocolate chip ones.
  • Ice cream sandwich – it is a killer. A hearty scoop of your choice of ice cream between two homemade cookies (or between a split black bottom cream cheese/chocolate chip brownie).
  • 7-layer cookies – they fly out the door in several varieties, the Joy of Cooking traditional one with butterscotch and chocolate chips, almonds, pecans and coconut on a graham cracker crust; OR the chocolate and peanut butter chip, dry roast peanut, almond toffee and coconut variety is very popular.
  • Dessert specials – buttermilk/cream cheese frosted cinnamon buns; chocolate/raspberry decadence cake; lavender biscotti; fresh fruit turnovers and other such mania are frequently available.
  • Please check out our Dessert Board in the cafe for daily choices and prices.


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