Area Attractions


BIRDING 40+ species right outside your door. Pickup a free bird checklist at the café.
HIKING Lace up your boots and step out.
STARGAZING far from the city lights.
PETROGLYPHS and PICTOGRAPHS of the Ancient Ones.
Ancient Way Fall Festival
THE ANCIENT WAY FALL FESTIVAL First 2 weekends in October. Join us for an 80-mile party.
El Morro National Monument
EL MORRO NATIONAL MONUMENT Where history is written in stone.
El Malpais National Monument
EL MALPAIS NATIONAL MONUMENT The “badlands” of New Mexico — a volcanic wilderness.
Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano
ICE CAVE and BANDERA VOLCANO The land of fire and ice.
Old School Gallery
OLD SCHOOL GALLERY Exhibits of local artists, community theater and concerts.
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
WILD SPIRIT WOLF SANCTUARY Where captive-bred wolves and wolf-dogs find loving care.
Zuni Pueblo
ZUNI PUEBLO A Pueblo of artists famous for turquoise and silver jewelry, fetish carvings, pottery, beadwork and paintings.
Village of Ramah
VILLAGE of RAMAH Visit the Ramah Museum for a glimpse into the past. Trout and bass fishing, hiking and picnicking at Ramah Lake.
Old Zuni Mission
OLD ZUNI MISSION Discover the fascinating history and culture of the Zuni people at the mission and at the Zuni Museum.
Navajo Nation
NAVAJO NATION Explore ancient ruins or discover finely crafted jewelry, pottery and hand-loomed rugs.

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