Wave-Riders Fundamentals

Basil Braveheart, Lakota medicine man who facilitates the sundance at which we dance the winkle‘ or “two-spirit” role, asks (para) if you are a shaman, what art do you practice, as all shamans learn about themselves through their art?

Our Mission is to offer transformational experiences of the self through the art of everyday living, growing, healing and creative being. It is also to offer the tools, trainings and inspirations to live balanced, authentic and love-filled lives.

Our Aim is to offer workshops, retreats, individual and group sessions, atunements and trainings in a variety of vibrational medicine techniques as well as healing journeys through art, gardening and expressive creativity. It is to focus on the rebalancing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain; primarily the opening to shamanic sensing (self-trusing psychic sensing). we are especially focused on the awareness, understanding and acceptance of “two-spirit” or “walks – between” ways that many of us carry regardless of our sexual orientation.

Our Goal is to create a fluid space for other local healers, teachers and spirit artists to work, showcase and explore; (and at some point) we wish to create a national/international exchange of healers, teachers and artists. Blessed be, what is for the highest good shall come to pass.

Our Offerings

  • Our vibrational medicine therapies are a varied lot, but all are techniques to help restore balance and harmony in our hearts and lives; support the body’s natural ability to heal itself and promote mental and spiritual well-being. Reiki, which means universal life force, is a rental “laying-on of hands” Buddhist healing form which originated in Japan 2500 years ago. Polarity Therapy originated by doctor Randolph Stone, uses finger manipulation of the body’s electromagnetic and meridian systems to channel the “right frequency.” In Nature Spirit Ally Work the use of crystals, stone carved animal fetishes and other of nature’s tools bring their own wisdom and “right vibrations.” The use of bells, rattles, drums, sounds and tones may also occur in the unblocking of stuck energy and the calling back to harmony as part of Sound Journey Work. We also utilize clearing and balancing smudges as well as the very powerful technique of “auric feathering” where wings and feathers of various birds are swept through your body’s energy fields to remove toxins, “smooth ruffles”, bring connective insight and expand consciousness.

Benefits   Our services can be specifically helpful for: reducing stress and tension; symptomatic relief from anxiety, pain and insomnia; accelerated healing; supporting cancer patients through chemo and radiation; comforting the terminally ill as well as their caregivers; easing anxiety associated with illness and surgery; working in conjunction with psychotherapy to provide rapid personal growth and facilitating spiritual growth.

Insight and guidance are offered through many forms: from the reflections of nature inherent in your body; from the intuitive “pops” and stories that your soul reveals in sessions; from psychic counseling in relation to tarot and other divinatory forms and from your own revelations and shared experiences.

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