This is our new page to honor the participation of the LGBT community in El Morro.


While the page is still under construction, we want visitors to know that the Gay and Lesbian Community is an important part of this unique land called El Morro. From our local intentional community ZMS, to the greater El Morro Valley and Candy Kitchen areas, the LGBT community is supported and valued for their contributions to this magical life.  Members of the community participate in and organize many of our productions.

LGBT artists can show their work at four locations here in El Morro Village.


Be sure to visit Galleria Carnaval across the street and the neighboring Old School Gallery. From time to time, The Old School Gallery hosts small theater productions, doubles as a music venue hosting outdoor music festivals as well as the occasional indoor concert, and is home to several dinners and celebrations each year. The monthly open mic is always popular, and a lot of unexpected guests will bring their offerings for special classes and lectures. From learning about wild crafting and geology, to local lore and our Anasazi past, our eclectic community has much to offer.

So whether you are interested in a Mountain Cabin Stay, have an RV ready for travel, or would prefer a more rustic camping stay in our campground, El Morro RV Park supports the gay and lesbian community.

Be sure to check back later when this page is complete, and know that El Morro is a place that celebrates diversity.