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There is a place where people gather just to soak in the healing energy of the people and of the land. This place lies beneath a sacred mesa and beside an ancient trail used for 10,000 years or more by people seeking community, sustainability, goods and medicines to improve their lives. This is a place that people come for healing. This place is the El Morro RV Park, Campground, and Ancient Way Cafe, and because of its tremendous ability to be a container for vast amounts of love and support, I choose to call this place home.  (Standing Feather)

“The most bestest sweetest place to get fed, loved up and sheltered. Always a happy time.”

“Lovely establishment in a remote spot. I love the El Morro for breakfast. Dinners on Fridays and Saturdays are by reservation, and a harpist entertains. This is a special place with awesome folks running it. I feel at home when I am there.”

“Fantastic food, great staff and a cozy cabin for the night! The view from the bluff is amazing.”

Quality Foods

Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pits



Eco Toilets


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