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Around The Ancient Way

We invite you to explore the prehistoric ruins, lava flows, red rock mesas and Native American arts and crafts found in this unique corner of New Mexico. Warm, sunny days and cool nights create the perfect atmosphere for hiking, Bikepacking, biking, birding, fishing or peaceful rest and relaxation. Stroll the sculpture garden, walk the labyrinth, or get a healing session from Dr. Balance - all of which are on the property. You can also indulge in a visit to the galleries and shops withing walking distance. Watch for the many special workshops, theater performances and festivals that are produced in our little community hub that we will keep you informed about. And consider renting a mountain cabin for overnight stays here in our spiritual paradise.


El Morro National Monument's archeological and historical treasures weave a colorful tapestry of the peopling of New Mexico.

Perhaps it was the very human notion of immortality that compelled people to leave their carvings on the rock at El Morro. Hundreds of petroglyphs bear witness to the lives of ancestral Puebloans. Archaic Spanish inscriptions proclaim, "Paso por aqui" (I passed by here). Still other inscriptions mark the journeys of early American pioneers, western emigrants, soldiers and railroad surveyors. These wielders of stone and steel, who reached out to passers-by of the future left a rare gift.

High atop the cuesta, the ancestral pueblo of Atsinna stands silent watch. Built around 1275 AD by the ancestors of the Zuni, the pueblo gave rise to a busy, thriving community. Today its remnant rooms and walls provide a glimpse into the past and a tie to the Zuni homeland. 


24 Hours in the Zuni Enchanted Forest

This is the 15-16 mile loop that is used for the 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest race put on by Zia Rides along with a little out and back at the far end to a nice view point and spot to have a snack. 

It's mostly smooth and fast with gradual climbs and descents, a couple of short steeper climbs, and a little exposed rock.

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Gallup Area: The most popular place in this area, Mentmore, offers exciting and well protected sport climbing with a large number of moderate climbs. If you seek adventure on soft sandstone, try Church Rock or El Malpais

Albuquerque Area Climbing: Many areas exist just east of the city of Albuquerque. Enjoy Multi-pitch adventures in the Sandia Mountains, granite bouldering in the Sandia foothills at U-Mound , or technical limestone at Palomas Peak

New Canyon: Small, little known limestone climbing area near the town of Manzano. Climbs 40-50 foot vertical to less than vertical routes. 

Enchanted Tower: AMAZING sport routes on a beautiful formation. This pocketed tower is home to the best sport climbing in the state. 

Tucumcari Mountain: Sandstone bouldering just outside of the town of Tucumcari, New Mexico. Not far from the Texas border. 

The Box climbing areas: This area has a series of cliffs and boulders of mixed-quality rhyolite. Great winter area! 

Luna Park: Could be either central or southern New Mexico, take your pick. A lesser known area with mostly bolted routes, a "fun moderate climbing on moderate quality volcanic rock... Care is required until the flakes stablize." 


Lava tube caves, with their fascinating geology and hidden ice formations, await your careful exploration. With a free caving permit and the proper equipment, you can experience these magnificent underworlds. For more information, such as which caves are available for entry, permitting requirements, recommended equipment, maps to caves, etc., please download a copy of their caving brochure.

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