There is a place where people gather just to soak in the healing energy of the people and of the land. This place lies beneath a sacred mesa and beside an ancient trail used for 10,000 years or more by people seeking community, sustainability, goods and medicines to improve their lives. This is a place that people come for healing. This place is the El Morro RV Park, Campground, and Ancient Way Cafe, and because of its tremendous ability to be a container for vast amounts of love and support, I choose to call this place home.  (Standing Feather)


Once here, I had a lot to learn. And unlearn. This is a place to unravel the ways in which we are conditioned in our culture – conditioned to feel separate from the earth, conditioned to only seek spiritual connection from those “qualified” to give it to us, conditioned to have lost faith in community and conditioned to war and hate those whom may be different than ourselves. Here, people are honoring the process of others, including the differences. I was amazed to feel this new energy, one that asked me to feel gentleness about the losses and fears and mistakes in my life. It was refreshing, mainly because I thought I needed to feel the never-ending and imposing sense of guilt and shame about my life. So there I was, drumming and dancing with people from all walks of life – all belief systems – all spiritual systems. And loving each other.


Quality Foods
Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pits
Eco Toilets

“The most bestest sweetest place to get fed, loved up and sheltered. Always a happy time.”

“Lovely establishment in a remote spot. I love the El Morro for breakfast. Dinners on Fridays and Saturdays are by reservation, and a harpist entertains. This is a special place with awesome folks running it. I feel at home when I am there.”

“Fantastic food, great staff and a cozy cabin for the night! The view from the bluff is amazing.”

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El Morro RV Park and Cabin Rental
HC 61 Box 44
Ramah, NM 87321

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TEL: 505 783-4612

E-MAIL:  elmorrorv@gmail.com

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Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah

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