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Pie Time

Day Trip—it’s Pie Time in El Morro!

Just an hour and forty-five minute drive west of Albuquerque can have you in El Morro, sitting in the Ancient Way Café for a slice of our homemade pie. Seated in what the National Geographic calls one of the best restaurants in New Mexico, you might as well have lunch.

Our offerings, Thursday through Sunday are available 9:00 – 5:00. And there are plenty of reasons for a visit besides the pies, pastries and desserts. The OPO Gallery just relocated across the street, next door to The Old School Gallery. Both galleries represent unique and talented artists. Some art pieces are also available for sale in the café, where Navajo and Zuni artists consign both carvings and jewelry.

Then of course, El Morro National Monument is just two miles down the road and within view of the Café. Conquistador Coronado and Lt. Beale are a few of the explorers that visited the “The Nose” during their travels, leaving their names engraved upon Inscription Rock.

And there’s still more to do, like walk the two Art Trails, one behind the café and one next to the Old School Gallery, plus seasonal events.

Need time for more than pie? Consider staying over in one of the fully equipped cabins behind the café. Cabins are available for bookings through the website, or by calling the café.

Come for the PIE, stay for the fun!

If traveling from Albuquerque, it is a good idea to call ahead (especially on Sunday) to see what desserts are available. Due to Covid, our week ends on Sunday now and our pies sometimes sell out early.

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