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RV Park

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Let El Morro RV and Cabin Rental host your next RV stay out west. Located just two miles east of the world class travel destination, El Morro Monument, our RV Park has all the necessary amenities for an exciting and memorable stay. Our on-site café, The Ancient Way Café, is said to be one of the best restaurants in New Mexico.

Visit the historical El Morro Monument to learn about the expansion out west and the challenges faced by the early explorers. Inscription Rock, a part of the monument, has the names of expeditions and explorers carved in sandstone by the explorers as they passed through.

Just minutes further west is the El Malpais National Monument and the Continental Divide Trail. You could plan a caving trip to the lava tubes in El Malpais, but the area is also of interest to bird watchers and regularly scheduled bat flight programs are available during summer months.

Directly across the street from El Morro RV, The Old School Gallery regularly hosts events, from open mics, to small theater productions, concerts and a few outdoor festivals. Visit their calendar to see scheduled events.

And the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is nearby in neighboring Candy Kitchen. Tours are available during summer months. Check with the RV Park for times.

Consider El Morro RV and Cabin Rental your link to the West.

14 Day maximum RV Stay.

We Reserve the Right to Serve Everyone

El Morro RV Park has a non-discrimination policy and proudly provides service to all, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, sexual preference (gay and lesbian friendly), disability, or any other potentially discriminatory status.

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